Meet The Team



Meet Debbie Young


I am new to the Cannabis industry. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last few years. I am a true believer in the healing power of Cannabis. Care By Design Pain Cream is my go-to for neck pain. Personally, I LOVE FOOTBALL, especially the Kansas City Chiefs. My hubby and I like to travel to places we’ve never been! I like to play Bingo at Chumash and go to Disneyland at least once a year!

Debbie Young


Meet Jeff Millott


As a cancer survivor I have a deep passion for the healing powers and recreational benefits of cannabis! I have over 20 years in the cannabis industry and love to share my experiences and knowledge with anyone willing to listen. I love spending time with my wife and children while enjoying our time together outdoors, fishing, swimming, riding dirt bikes or just relaxing at the beach! I hope to meet you some day.

Jeff Millott


Meet Jamie Bell

Facilities Manager

Welcome to Ojai Greens. My name is Jamie and I’m a lifelong resident of Ventura County. I have 3 great children and am very family orientated. I’m lucky to be able to work alongside multiple family members here at OG. I have been in the cannabis industry for over 25 years and have been in customer service for the same amount of time. I pride myself on great customer service and want to provide everyone who walks through our doors with the best service we can offer.

Jamie Bell


Meet Paula Millott

HR and Inventory Manager

Hi! My name is Paula and I’m the manager at Ojai Greens. I’ve been in the cannabis industry for a while now and I enjoy helping our customers out and hearing their experiences. We never have a dull moment around her and there’s something new to learn every day. I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors.

Paula Millott


Meet Vickie Sutton

Accounting Manager

Hi, I’m Vickie. Born and raised in Ventura Country. I’m married, have 3 wonderful kids, 9 awesome grandkids & the cutest great-granddaughter. I love hanging out with family & friends, going camping, Disneyland, and Chiefs Football. I love being a part of Ojai Greens helping & caring for our customers in our community.

Vickie Sutton


Meet Alex Reyes

Retail Manager

Hi, my name is Alex, I’ve been working at Ojai Greens for over a year now and I’ve been smoking for 6+ years. My go-to ways of medicating are dabs and bud! I prefer Indica when I indulge but don’t mind a little Sativa and Hybrids for the right occasions. I really enjoy finding patients new and proper ways to medicate, everyone can use a little MOTAvation!

Alex Reyes

Our Showroom Team Members


Meet Aaron Suel

Product Specialist

Hi, my name is Aaron, I’m from Ventura, Ca. I always enjoy smoking Indica strains. In addition, I like Hybrids and Sativa’s when I want to be creative or productive. Dabbing and vaping are my favorite ways to consume cannabis. I’m all about high quality and high potency. Top shelf strains are my go-to!

Aaron Suel


Meet Carlangela Padilla

Product Specialist

My name is Carlangela and I’ve smoked marijuana recreationally the last 10 years and been a medical patient for 5 years. I’ve worked in the medical and recreational industry for 2 years now. From helping an 18-year-old medical patient find an Indica flower to ease their insomnia, to helping a 75-year-old veteran find a CBD balm to alleviate their pain, I genuinely love showing people all of the benefits of this medicine. I enjoy smokin’ a joint to wind down at the end of the day, but I also love using CBD as a daily supplement in order to find a better way to balance the highs and the lows of day to day life.

Carlangela Padilla


Meet Blake Austin

Product Specialist

Hi I’m Blake.  I have worked at Ojai Greens for 2 years now and been part of the cannabis industry for almost 10 years now.  I enjoy helping people learn about cannabis.  I also like to grow my own plants in my spare time as well as making my own concentrates for personal use. 

Blake Austin

Meet Douglas Sumeriski

Product Specialist

My name is Douglas. I’m originally from New York, I joined the US Navy at 18 and moved to California. During my off time I like to hang out with my friends and skateboard. I love cannabis in almost all forms, but my favorites are dabs and edibles. My favorite strains include Bubba Kush, Green Crack, and any cookies strains. I love to educate people on marijuana and its effects.

Douglas Sumeriski


Meet Joey Freshour

Product Specialist

Hi, I’m Joey, 22 years old. I’ve been fascinated with cannabis since my first J. As a sports person I see and feel the benefits of cannabis which grew my attention for it . Flower is my favorite type of consumption and concentrates a close 2nd. In my time so far, I’ve learned so much about CBD and the benefits it can have on you and your body. I’m always willing to learn something new and always down to try something new!!

Joey Freshour

John Turnupseed

Meet John Turnipseed

My name is John. I have lived in the Ventura / Ojai area most of my life. I love to skateboard, watch movies, and be in nature. I smoke mostly flower and Sativa carts but I will also smoke Indica and Hybrids. I have two cats named Ragnar and Bella.

John Turnipseed

Debbie Norris

Meet Debbie Norris

Hello, my name is Debbie Norris. I absolutely love working in the cannabis industry! I have learned so much about the wonderful benefits of what I like to call “healing plant”. My personal favorite are sativa strains! I enjoy riding shot gun on long road trips, listening to my favorite country songs with my husband! I’m looking forward to a future in this growing industry!!!

Debbie Norris

Richardo Fuentes

Meet Ricardo Fuentes

My name is Ricardo. I am originally from El Salvador in Central America. I moved to the U.S. about 10 years ago. I have met great people while I’ve been living in California. I am happy to be part of the Ojai community. I love plants, nature, outdoors, cannabis and I love Raw Garden carts.

Ricardo Fuentes

Kristina Marques

Meet Kristina Marquez

I never expected to be working in the cannabis industry but I’m glad that I am. I’m glad that I educated myself on the wonders it can do, because now I can help my loved ones and strangers in choosing what’s best for them. I’ve struggled all my life with anxiety and insomnia, Indica has been such a life changer and helped me through those battles.

Kristina Marquez


Meet Joneane Neville

Customer Service

Joneane is delightful mix of east coast spunk with west coast vibes! A lifelong cannabis enthusiast, mother, grandmother, and dog lover. She’s quick with a smile and a laugh! “I love working with our customers every day. My goal is help you have a positive experience in the store, and a beautiful day in general!”

Joneane Neville


Meet Heather Hurst

Customer Service

Hey there, I’m Heather, a licensed massage therapist and part time front desk and budtender. I use a variety of cannabis products to help support an active lifestyle, relieve anxiety, and as an analgesic for chronic pain. Indica cartridges are my go-to as well as topicals for achy joints. I’m happy to guide others to relief and satisfaction.

Heather Hurst


Meet Austin Tarazon

Customer Service

Hello, my name is Austin Tarazon.  I am a 22-year-old college senior. My major is Accounting and Business Management. I currently want to open my own business after college.

Austin Tarazon

Inventory Team


Meet Daniel Salchak

Inventory Control Specialist

I have been consuming cannabis for 20 years. I enjoy washing hash and pressing it into rosin. I keep the shelves stocked so our buyer can get higher.

Daniel Salchak


Meet Jason Wilson

Inventory Specialist

Hi, I’m Jason Wilson, born and raised in Ventura, Ca. When I’m not at work making sure the showroom is stocked with product, I’m out playing disc golf and enjoying our finest Sativa strains. Once I hit home it’s time to relax with a heavy Indica. Smoking flower is my main source of consumption, but I can’t turn down a good tasting Raw Garden cart.

Jason Wilson


Meet Taylor Millott

Data Entry Specialist

Hi, my name is Taylor. I was born and raised in Ventura, CA. Shortly after high school I made a spontaneous decision to move to Hawaii with one of my best friends for a little while. I came back to continue my education and be closer to my family! I am new to the cannabis industry but enjoy learning all that I can to help people out.

Taylor Millott

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